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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Hujan Emas di Negeri Orang, Hujan Batu di Negeri Sendiri, Lebih Baik di Negeri Sendiri

Hey there!

Six days ago, which was a Thursday, my family, some of my dad's collegues and I had a trip to Singapore. We stayed for four days and three nights. It was fine. Singapore is very very...er...modern and more advanced if compared to Malaysia. For the first day, we arrived in the evening, so we could not do much. We just had a dinner with Miss Leena (or Lina. I don't know how her name is spelt) and Datuk and Datin (not very sure who they are, actually). We were all very full by the time the dinner ended. I kinda liked the first dish, which was Sashimi!

The hotel we stayed in was Copthorne King's Hotel. Not very big but very nice. It has got balconies with flowers. I had a sleepless first night (perhaps it was due to the cold and chilly air-conditioned air). Woke up next morning with a nosebleed. The lining in my nose is very thin and my nose can burst into blood when conditions are dry.

On the second day, we had a city tour in the morning and Sentosa Island tour in the afternoon till evening. The tour guide for the city tour was funny. She was all jokes and all. We took photos at stops we made. There was this one couple, from Russia, I think. When we were on Mount Faber, there was this Indian couple who let tourist try holding a python and let it slither on you. It was really interesting. But I dare not try. Honestly speaking, I am a coward. The couple I told you about, they went for a try. The husband went first. The wife went next and she was nervous at first. She grooved in with the snake later. She then felt so brave and courageous doing it. She said, "Well, now I have something to talk about back home!"

Well, this snake wasn't that big. There was a bigger one in Sentosa. It was an albino! Sentosa was fine. We went to the Museum, the Underwater world, the Dolpin Park, the skyride and the Songs of the Sea show. The best was the Songs of the Sea show. The most terrifying...skyride. It was like a cable car, only that the cable car is replaced by benches with nothing except a bar which prevents the passengers from falling. I felt so vulnerable back then. Rob (one of my dad's colleagues) was terrified after he alighted. The Songs of the Sea was wonderful. I like the coordination of the music with the lasers and the fountain. The story was okay.

On the third day, we went shopping! My favourite part of the holiday! I get to buy genuine Nike stuff at half price! It was a sale, so yeah. I bought a basketball jersey (red) and a pair of Nike shoes, plus some books, a miniseries DVD and a blue not-fully cotton singlet.

On the last day, we stayed till noon and left the hotel after lunch. We made our way to Changi Airport. After checking in, I went in and guess who I met. Seamy!!! He was going to be on the same flight. He had just returned from Perth with his Uncle, Aunty and cousins.

We arrived at Kuching International Airport about four in the afternoon or so. We then left for home.

Perhaps Singapore is modern and more advanced, but I still love Kuching. The morning air in Kuching is very cool. Singapore's is very warm the moment the sun rises. And Kuching is my hometown. As they say in Malay, hujan emas di negeri orang, hujan batu di negeri sendiri, lebih baik negeri sendiri. In direct translation, it is 'raining gold in other's country, raining stone in yours, yours is still better'.

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